About Us


Andy Young

CEO, Customer Service, Technician,
and anything else adventurous!

  • Favorite App on Phone: Evernote
  • Most Loved Childhood Video Game: Super Tecmo Bowl (NES)
  • When did you get your first computer: Around 6 – my brother and I
    shared it. Best of all, it was a Tandy!
  • Favorite Restaurant or Food: In-season fruit and ice cream
  • TV show I’m really into: Mountain Men
  • Book that I love: Biographies, anything by Randy Alcorn,
    Brian Hague, or James Bryan Smith.




Rachel Young

Office Manager, Office Grammarian, and cheerleader for all!

  • Favorite App on Phone: Bible for Kids
  • Most Loved Childhood Video Game: Super Mario Bros. III
  • When did you get your first computer: 16 years old (dial-up Internet!)
  • Favorite Restaurant or Food: Seafood or Mexican
  • TV show I’m really into: Criminal Minds
  • Book that I love: The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah