Computer Repair (Desktop and Laptop)

We are awesome at Support. Do you want to know why? It is because we know the secret ingredient to awesome support – people who care! Here are some areas that we excel at 8741670293_a756e5c36csupporting, this is by no means exhaustive. In fact, we offer these great services:

  • Workstation and Laptop Repairs – If you need parts replaced, Hard Drives repaired, Viruses Removed, or just a good cleaning – we are ready to help.
  • Computer Migrations – With the end of life on Windows Products and the ever-increasing technological advancements finding a company that can migrate your users quickly, efficiently, and with care is very important. We are that company!
  • Outlook Data Recovery  – Microsoft Outlook is a precarious program that is prone to crash. We are ready to help you fix those nasty crashes and get your emails back from the brink of disaster.
  • Backup Solutions and File Recovery – We can help you get the best backups solution for your needs, and if you just forgot to backup we can help recover those important files off your hard drive.


Server Repair

  • Domain Recovery  – If you have ever had to even think about recovering a domain, you know that it is quite an undertaking. Let us be the lead and make your life easier. We have undertaken numerous recovery projects that included domain recovery and we have the experience and the tricks to make your life easier!
  • Server Repairs – Servers are unique and have special requirements. We have years of experiences working with servers in production environments. We can fix your problems while minimizing downtime and mitigating risk! We’d be happy to prove it.
  • Data Backup  – We have the leading backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity products that we can recommend based on your needs. The great relationships we have allow for some really cool opportunities to demo the solutions as well!