A New

Era of Compliance

Now more than ever organizations are faced with real cyberthreats and compliance needs.

Trust your organization to a local group that is kind, trustworthy, and cares about your success.


Compliance and Security Audits

Our timely email alerts, ticketing, and comprehensive reports are amazing. And our friendly, local team is ready to help with any questions!

Vulnerability Prevention

Being local, and helping many other copmanies stay compliant and secure means we have plentyl of wisdom to share that will save you time and headaches.

Security Team

We analyze the whole network, inside and out, as well as each computer and device to ensure you are protected.


Security Solutions & Services

Since 2005, 825 Technologies has been helping companies with security and compliance standards. We started in the financial industry and have kept growing thanks to our kindness and dedication to doing the job right!

Total Solution Compliance and Security

You can get a list of features, but service is so much more than cost and features. Work with a friendly, competent, local team. Your future self will thank you!


What We Offer

Compliance can be a lonely road, filled with new regulations and terms. Turn that scary that road into a memorable adventure, by walking it with a team of friendly experts!

Security Analysis

Intrusion detection. Digital Forensics and Incident response. Endpoint protection. Governance, Risk, and Compliance Management.

Security Services

Network Defense, Intrusion Detection, Application Security, Endpoint Protection, Incident Response Testing, Backup and Disaster Recovery.

Security Solutions

Incident Planning, Compliance Auditing and Management for PCI, IRS pub 1075, HIPAA, CMMC Lvl 1-3, DD2345, NIST 800-171,
and more


Our Approach to Security

All good things take time, and the right amount of planning can make a great event. The same wisdom can be applied to CyberSecurity. 

We take our time to understand your unique business, staff, lines of revenue, and where the biggest risks lie for your specific circumstances. 

We make the most of your time by knowing our stuff, and doing the leg work to make our meetings beneficial and efficient. 

Step #1: Schedule a Demo

On the demo call you will meet with Andy. He will aks some questions, give some prices, but most of all her will LISTEN to what you need.

Step #2: The Proposal

Remember in Step #1, where we listened? In Step #2 we will prove it. We will craft a custom proposal for the compliance standards or risk mitigation you are looking for. 

Step #3: We Get to Work

We hope you decide to work with our local team of amicable experts. Once you say yes, you can expect timely communication and a willingness to make sure your organization is protected and all your questions are cheerfully answered.

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