SCI Engineered Materials

We manufacture complex ceramic, metal, and alloy products
for the thin film battery, photovoltaic, media storage,
flat panel display, semiconductor, electronic, and photonic industries.

What We Do

We do the superbly technical work – so you don’t have to. We focus on continual improvement of our processes in order to create the most excellent products!


SCI utilizes CNC machining, EDM, and dedicated grinding equipment to produce targets with strict adherence to dimensional tolerances and specifications. You will find our surface finishes and dimensional tolerances to be some of the best in the industry. 

Vacuum Hot Pressing

Many ceramic powders cannot be sintered to full density, so we employ Vacuum Hot Pressing as a technique for making ceramic (and powder metal) targets which are near-net-shape and high density. SCI’s five vacuum hot presses permit us to produce targets measuring from 1″ to 18″ in diameter.


Advanced in-house bonding capabilities allow SCI to bond many different materials. The facilities that are currently in place permit us to bond planar targets up to 72″ long x 15″ wide and rotatable targets up to 4 meters. To learn more about the bonding services we have available, visit our Indium Bonding page.
Quality Assurance

SCI has achieved ISO 9001:2015 registration for the production and sale of complex physical vapor deposition (“PVD”) materials and targets. This registration reflects SCI’s achievement of specific quality standards that are recognized worldwide.

Advanced Ceramic Powders

SCI maintains an in-house powder manufacturing facility to accommodate advanced ceramic and metal oxide materials. The staff employ several proprietary wet and dry chemistries, reactive processing, and other techniques in order to tailor powders for optimal target performance.

Sputtering Targets

SCI Engineered Materials provides Ceramic and Metal targets for use in Sputtering and Laser Ablation systems. Using our in-house forming and machining capability, we manufacture one-piece targets up to 20″ diameter or 14” square. Please check our sputtering targets page for more information.

Evaporation Materials

SCI Engineered Materials manufactures high performance metal, ceramic, and alloy bulk-form evaporation sources in virtually any customer defined configuration.  Please check our evaporation materials page for more information.

Ceramic Powders

SCI Engineered Materials processes a wide variety of custom ceramic powders in house. Please check our ceramic powders page for more information.


SCI Engineered Materials is pleased to offer a wide range of single crystal substrates for making high quality thin films. Please check our substrates page for more information.

Let’s Work Together

We are always willing to answer questions and help you reach your project goals. Feel free to contact us with the form on the right, or chat with us over the website or on the phone.