You need high-level strategy for your small- to medium-sized business!


Smoothing out Rough Edges

825 Technologies helps organizations ease IT Bottlenecks and pain points. We have been doing for over a decade!

Developing more than Systems

We see a lot of problems in the IT world. But we take the time to identify the root cause, develop the right strategy, and then turn that weakness into a strength!

Relationships to help you

From ‘day one’ we want to develop relationships that help your organization succeed. We know that might mean introducing you to other partners, and we are OK with that!

From Pains to Strengths

We have seen many pains and bottlenecks in the IT world, and we have helped in turning those into strengths with unique strategies and genuine care. We are able to see through the trees and confusion to help identify root causes. Then we can clearly communicate the larger concepts in an understandable way to help you align the available options with your larger organizational goals. We are very encouraging that all the departments (HR, Sales, Production, QA, etc) are involved in the root cause analysis and solution finding to help ensure solutions are the best available option for all integral units.

We work with organizations sized from 5-300 employees and have successfully aided them all in adding value to their IT solutions and making their IT solutions a meaningful part of their organization’s success.


Relationships that last

Building a good rapport is very important in being able to help. We focus on listening and try to ask as many questions as necessary to really understand your company and the unique market position you hold.

We don’t just give you our solutions to see if they work – we listen to what you need and find the BEST solutions that work for your organization. This simple change in direction of approach ends up saving training dollars and aids in the longevity and efficiency of the IT improvement!

But success ultimately rises and falls on relationships, and we are willing to invest in making all our relationships great!