It is really important to keep a simple list of goals in focus at all times. It has to be simple for a few reasons:

  • Too much clutter and our lives look like that closet that everyone is afraid to open.
  • With physical stuff, we only have two hands to hold with. (There is a reason to de-clutter, if there ever was one). Our minds are also limited on how many ideas we can focus on at once.
  • Simplicity forces a distillation to the important, base idea. The list of goals needs to be understandable to others.

This simple list will keep you on track as you lead your organization to the vision set in your mind.

For instance, 825 Technologies has 3 goals that we focus on when we handle service calls:

  1. Speed of Resolution– we prioritize from business critical to quirky activity of program
  2. Value of Service – are you getting a solution that makes sense. Every computer problem can be fixed with a new computer, but some problems can be fixed for $50. Trust is paramount in value! If you can’t trust us, we can’t deliver true value. Time to develop trust is worth its weight in gold.
  3. Interaction – was it enjoyable to get your resolution? Hopefully it was easy and simple to contact us and work with us.

Those three items are very important to 825 Technologies with each service call. Why? Because they help us keep a clear path to the goal of what we want our organization to be!

What are your goals for your organization or business unit(s)? Maybe it is time to start distilling them for your team!