There is nothing like having some great resources on your phone of tablet. Today I want to share with you two free and fun items that you need to add to your mobile device.

The two items are Free Music and Free Podcasts and Radio Shows.

Free Music

First, let me say that these suggestions are legal ways to get free music. There are illegal ways to get free music which I do not condone! The method to obtain these resources is easy, awesome, and totally legal. Instead of paying to download songs, buying albums and ripping them, or paying a monthly subscription to a music service you should check out TuneIn radio.

The TuneIn radio app offers more than 100,000 radio stations from around the world. It also has the ability to search for artists, stations or genres. On top of all that, you can tune in to local radio stations. Is there a station out of Miami, FL that you really love to listen to on sunny days? You can find it and enjoy it – FOR FREE!

This app runs in any web browser, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet and much more!

Some additional free apps that are similar that you may want to check out include: Songza, iHeartRadio, or Shoutcast Radio.

Free Podcasts and Radio Shows

I love Podcasts! I keep my phone loaded up with these and listen to them all the time when I’m out traveling in town or on longer trips. Podcasts can be recorded lectures, people discussing current topics, radio shows, and so much more. If there is something that you are interested in learning more about, there is probably a podcast about it!

The majority of Podcasts are free. They can be downloaded through any podcast app and then enjoyed. So, what is a podcast app? If you are on the iOS enviroment, you can just go to iTunes and search for the podcasts, download them and then enjoy. If you are on the Android environment then you will want to find an app that can download and play your podcasts for you. One of my favorites is BeyondPod. It costs around $5, but will automatically download the newest podcasts you subscribe to and then create a smart playlist for you automatically based on the order you want to listen to content!

If you are more into fiction, then you might want to join in with countless others that are rekindling interest in radio shows from the 1940s. These radio shows were called “theater of the mind” and can now be enjoyed thanks to sites like, and

So whatever your pleasure, there is plenty of free resources out there to be enjoyed. So take some time, browse around, broaden your mind and enjoy one of the great benefits of the digital age!