Evernote is an extremely powerful tool that allows you to conquer many of the inconveniences of modern life. In this post we will be discussing one part of Evernote that helps you store and retrieve ALL of those important notes, files, photos and more!


Evernote offers the unique ability to store (and search within) a myriad of files. Whether you have a photo, PDF, Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), or any other file type, you can store that file in Evernote. You might ask, “Where do I store it?” The answer is simple once you understand the structure of evernote.


Evernote Has Four Main Components:
  1. Notes – Notes can be a short note of text, an audio file (made with the built-in recorder or your own app), a photo, a document (Evernote has a built in scanner for use with your tablets and phones), Business Card, and much more. These notes can have a title and then reside within a single Notebook and be tagged with numerous descriptors.
  2. Notebooks –  Within Evernote you can create Notebooks to store notes. We will cover some ideas on Notebooks in a more in-depth manner later. However, for this post let’s stick with the basics. A note can only reside in one notebook. The Notebooks can be “stacked” in like groups to help reduce space that the list takes up on the screen. These Notebooks can also be shared so that other people can add edit and view the notes in your Notebooks. So, if you have an upcoming vacation you could create a Vacation Notebook and share it will all your family members to add suggestions of things to do on the trip. You can then Tag those notes for easier filtering later.
  3. Tags –  Tags are a way to group and further organize notes. Taking from our earlier vacation example, using we could Tag some notes as “Road Trip” to help find things to do while we are on the road, or for music to listen to while traveling. Then there could be some notes Tagged as “Destination Activities” and then some as “Dining”. Those tagged as “Dining” and “Destination Activities” could then also be Tagged with the day of the week you would want to try to accomplish those items. So maybe you have a Note to Get 7 Dozen From The Donut Hole  it could be in the Vacation Notebook and Tagged with “Dining”, “Monday”, “Wednesday” and “Friday”. I REALLY LIKE DONUTS! You can add as many tags to a note as you want. These tags can really come in handy when you are organizing projects or searching for something specific.
  4. Search – The search function is outstandingly powerful in Evernote! You can search the text with notes and files attached to notes, and you can also search based on Notebooks and Tags. So, finalizing the Vacation example, we wake up Wednesday morning on vacation and want to see where we wanted to eat on Wednesday – we can search for this quickly. We just go to search box and set that we want to search within the Vacation Notebook for Notes tagged with “Dining” and “Wednesday” and all those notes show up (this can be done on your computer, phone, tablet or any web browser). The search reminds us of one note we can get really excited about in the morning, Get 7 Dozen From The Donut Hole! So we throw on some Flip-Flops and head down to get some donuts!


Evernote’s ability to store is open enough to accommodate any part of your life, and powerful enough to store any- and everything you could ever need to access!


Stick with us and continue to learn about the Power of Evernote!


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