When it comes to organizing your life, there is inevitably the necessity of sharing key facts with others. Evernote takes this key fact into consideration and developed a great solution they call WorkChat.


If you are wanting to share a note with someone then Workchat is the easiest way to share. Workchat allows you to share and discuss in real time with any number of colleagues. It is simple and powerful, as soon as you understand the frame work.

Workchat is a part of Evernote (mobile and desktop versions) that allows for you to share a Notebook or Note with one or many people. You can share inside or outside of your organization with ease.

When you start to share a Note/Notebook through Workchat you are able to set the permissions of the object. The choices are:

  • can view
  • can view/edit
  • can view/edit/share

The first two options for sharing are exactly what they say. The third option in sharing allows for the other people getting the Note/Notebook shared with them to be able to share the item as well (this might NOT be a GOOD choice if it is a National Secret).

Once you have shared the Note/Notebook you can then keep a conversation going with the people you shared with – it is very much like an Instant Messenger. This feature is a marvelous way to connect remote teams or groups that are working on projects together. It allows for all notes and items to be collected and procured in one location.

You can see a pictorial description from Evernote about Workchat here: https://evernote.com/work-chat/

Concerning Sharing Notebooks

When you share a Notebook with another person, or people, there are some notable nuances to be aware of.

First, any one can create and delete notes in this notebook if they are give the permission to edit. This means you will want to be familiar with how to retrieve notes from the trash if this happens – just be ready.

Second, when you share a Notebook, tags are handled differently in that Notebook for the people it is shared with. If you share a notebook then your tags are what can be applied in that Notebook – only YOUR tags. So if someone wants to apply a tag that you don’t have, they won’t be able to until you create the tag in your Evernote. They will be able to apply any tag you have, so they can tag notes, but are limited to existing tags. It is a peculiar nuance, but it is none the less a nuance to be aware of.

Finally, shared Notebooks will disappear for all users if the original sharer deletes the Notebook or their Evernote account. That means that if you are in a business, it might be wise to upgrade to the Business plan for Evernote if you have a lot of people adding and sharing notebooks. With the Business plan the Notebooks are owned under the business account, not an individual account, thus offering superior ability to retain data.


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