According to BBC News’ interview with Edward Snowden (you can read that article here) the British Intelligence Agency GCHQ and the United States’ NSA have the ability to remotely control your phone. They do this to take a photo or listen to information, and there is nothing you can do to prevent it!

In a nutshell, an encrypted text is sent to your phone and then it gains control over your phone. Snowden also explained that the SMS message sent by the agency to gain access to the phone would pass unnoticed by the handset’s owner. Once the agency has control over your phone they can do almost anything, including, but not limited to, listen through your mic, take photos, know the phone’s location, turn the phone on and off, and much more!

There is little that a user can do to circumvent this possible invasion of privacy, however, here are some ideas to help.

  1. Don’t leave your phone in your bedroom at night.
  2. Don’t have your phone around for important or confidential conversations.
  3. Do find times to be without your phone.

I am particularly fond of the last suggestion. In a recent study it was found that an average Android phone user unlocks their phone over 120 times a day! That is an excessive amount of unlocks, but if you use your phone for as much information as most people do then it might be necessary. However, I think it might be wise to stop being so absorbed with a device that will allow others easy, unwanted access to our lives – but that is just my thought.

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