On January 23rd, 2016 the Local Business Spotlight on 98.9FM and 880AM highlighted 825 Technologies. Below is the radio interview, and further down is the overview of the interview.

825 Technologies’ Radio Interview


Abridged 825 Technologies’ Interview Overview

It was August 25th of the year 2013 that Andy, CEO of 825 Technologies, realized that there is more to life than just doing work. That there is a whole another dimension to work. Combining his skills, IT and his love for people, he decided to make a change by building his company—825 Technologies.

So what does 825 Technologies do?

They are a company dedicated to life changing interactions through technology solutions and education. It may be anything from fixing a computer to setting up a whole network to creating a cloud environment for your website for your data application.

Why should anyone choose 825 Technologies?

Well, anytime you work with a company, you want to make sure that they have clear ideas of how they’re going to interact with you.  And that’s where they excel the most. They have 3 ‘biggies’ that each employee of their company takes very seriously.

1st – Do your best.

2nd – Be honest.

3rd – Be approachable and reliable.

They value transparency in invoicing and pricing so customers can know what exactly they are paying for as a company. They do proactive health reports for their customer’s IT infrastructure which is helpful  for business owners to properly plan for the future, have some history to look at, and to spot possible trends that cause problems in their network.