Owning a smartphone, laptop or tablet is just as common as owning a regular cellphone for knowledge workers today. It is unquestionable since their job demands for a technology that makes communication easier and to make productivity as effective and efficient as possible. In fact, there are some users who prefer working on their tablet because it is more compact and easier to carry. However, when it comes to productivity and power level, tablet has never been a substitute for laptop.

66 percent of employees use two or more mobile devices at work and 12 percent use tablets, this is according to Forrester Research. Unfortunately, due to some limitations on features of tablet, it became a lesser option by employees than laptop. This scenario became an opportunity for manufacturers to think of a way to combine laptop and tablet in a single unit.
Now you as a user, how will you narrow down your choices to come up with the best tablet laptop combo to meet your work needs?

Know Your Requirements
Knowing your requirements, requisites or needs is good for you to be able to choose the right unit for you. This will allow you to make things easier than just picking something that just suits your taste of device appearance. Not all things that look good are beneficial.

If you are looking for a personal productivity tool, what might be best for you is a hybrid unit with a screen that can be detached from keyboard and converts to a tablet.
A convertible unit that operates as a laptop but can convert into a tablet or tabletop display is, however, best option if you wish for something that will let you work on word processing and spreadsheets, but is versatile enough to share information in a meeting or at a conference.

Know Your Specifications
To choose the best tablet laptop combo, might as well shop for the best functionality in both laptop and tablet. Here are some things to consider:
• Shop for a unit with the best processor. The new Intel Core M processors are ideal for laptop use, offering both power and longer battery life. Alternately, the Intel Core i7 and i5 processors also help you finish big performance loads.
• If you plan to use the unit for demonstrations or display, choose a unit with a high0resolution image with a very nice screen. A famous one for this type of need is the Gorilla Glass.
• Battery life is also a consideration. For hybrid units look for the optimal power available for both laptop and for the detachable screen.
• Data storage and memory are also an advantage that laptops have over tablets. Shop for a unit with plenty of data storage and RAM to improve performance.
So when choosing the best tablet laptop combo unit for your business, always have in mind that your goal is to find something that will allow you to maximize productivity by having the right processing power and versatility of the tool or unit.