The industry that has greatly taken advantage of the digital board is the restaurant industry – from the classic chalk board written menu on top of the counter to the newest digital menu board for the customers to choose their food from.

But it is important to take note as a restaurant owner that not all digital menu boards are the same. They can vary from the screens to their sizes. With this, restaurant owners should to take into account these three features before setting up a digital menu for their restaurant.

1. Screen Size
When thinking about size of the menu board, you should place yourself in your customer’s shoes. Stand where the line usually takes place and estimate how big the menu board should be. Consider also the number of foods that would be listed there so that the words won’t be too near each other and lastly the space on where you should place the menu – if it is fit for the estimated size of the board.

2. Go with LED
LED is usually the most suitable when it comes to menu boards not just because of its thin and light feature but because of its durability. LED is good for long hours since they produce less heat and power.

3. 1080p Resolution
1080p is the most recommended display for your board because it provides the HD pictures for your food, making it more appealing. Also, it makes the letters and words more reading more easier.