The Power of

Google Keep is an outstanding tool that you need to be aware of – here is why:

  • Your life is busy
  • You typically have your cell phone with you

Those two simple facts add an infinite amount of value to Google Keep via its many uses. For instance, with Google Keep you can:

  • Easily take notes,
  • Take pictures, make drawings and note
  • Collaborate (make and share lists, notes or photos)
  • Set Reminders based on time or place
  • Not to mention, labels, archiving, search and repeating tasks

The interface for Google Keep is simple and approachable, and it can be used on a Smartphone/Tablet and on any web browser (think laptop or desktop).

The power of Google Keep is vast as your imagination!

Here is a quick video overview:


See It In Action

As an example of how to make a note I will be showing how to use the Web Browser to clip a Webpage and share it to Keep and potentially other people.

First, hop out to a webpage you want to clip (or save for later) and then click the Google Keep button (See below).

Google Keep 1

After you have clipped the page, and made an applicable notes, then go ahead and send the note to Keep.

Once the note is sent it instantly shows up in Keep. So, hop over to Keep (web browser or mobile phone) and see the note. Then click on the specific note you just made. Once the note is open, you will be able to see a whole bunch of options, such as ‘Add a Reminder’, ‘Insert or Add Pictures’, ‘Share’, and many more options. See the image below to understand the position and layout of those options.

Google Keep 2

In this example I want to set a reminder to read this article later in the evening. In order to do that, I click the reminder button and then the option for later today (see below).

Google Keep 3

Once I have set the reminder I can leave the note or can archive it. If I archive the note it will reappear once the time comes when the reminder I just set is triggered.

How to Get Google Keep

If you are excited and ready to try out this great program (that is free), then you can sign-up with an gmail account.

Once you know you have your gmail account, you can go to, or to download that app on your mobile device.

If you need further help in utilizing this awesome tool, please feel free to let us know! We will be happy to help.