AMPLIFI (by Ubiquiti) is absolutely the neatest invention since sliced bread! That may be an exaggeration; but, if you are in the market for a home or small business network, this unit has to be at the top of the list. The setup is easy, the price is competitive, and the results are phenomenal. Ok, I really don’t want to sound like an infomercial here so lets get to it. Here is our experience with un-boxing our AMPLIFI system.


It comes with: AMPLIFI Router, 2 AMPLIFI Mesh Points, Power Adapter, Ethernet Cable, and a Quick Start Guide with easy-to-follow instructions and pictures.

Amplifi components - unboxedAmplifi box

While it pains me to admit it, it took us over 30-45 seconds trying to figure out how to even open the box! Turns out that it is magnetically sealed and flips open from the bottom of the box. Be wary that you do not fall into the same trap. The surprises kept on coming because, after we got everything out of the box and started removing the protective plastic, an antenna on one of the mesh points just popped off! We thought we had broke it before we even got to use it! Turns out, we didn’t break it. The antenna is actually magnetized to the base to allow for pivoting and easy removal if the situation requires is.

Amplifi components

After our struggles with magnets, we were anxious to get this set up and see how it works. It really could not have been easier. Simple instructions walk you through how to hook it up to the internet and then it has you download an app on your smartphone. Once the app is downloaded, it will search for the base unit and have you set a wireless name and password.

Amplifi app - Download screen Amplifi app - Setup screen 1 Amplifi app - setup screen 2

I will note here that, just after finishing the initial setup, one of us accidentally cut power to the unit. For the record, I just want to say that it was not me. I am pleased to report, however, that the unit suffered no problems because of the unexpected power outage. We booted it right back up and picked up where we left off. Installing the mesh points.

Amplifi wireless mesh point

They plug straight into an outlet, power up and then do the rest of the work. They also have the added bonus of looking modern so it made sense to put one in the kitchen. Right? Anyway, we put these in various spots over the house and were not disappointed with the quality of signal. I will say that it took longer than expected for the mesh points to set up once they were plugged in; but, it was only about a minute or two which isn’t bad at all. At this point, once you have plugged in the two mesh points, you are all done! Total set-up time takes approximately 10-20 minutes tops.


Now I get to talk about some of the features and information that this comes with because that is part of what makes this product so awesome! My favorite feature is the guest Wi-Fi option. It is super easy to set up and manage. A close second is the actual base unit itself. It has a touch screen display that can give you a lot of information about your network just by cycling through the different screens. It also has a clock on it so you can prominently display it in any room to have a multi-functional clock as well as a great piece for modern decorating. And then the third feature that I love and should really be at the top of the list is….. (drum roll)….. live chat! That’s right! There is an option for live chat right in the app if you are having trouble or need assistance with the system. No more searching online for a number or any other type of support line. It’s all right on your phone. My honorable mention is the USB port on the back of the base unit. There is no mention as to its purpose; however, it explains that it is “reserved for future use”. The suspense is almost too much!

Amplifi app - Screenshot 1  Amplifi app - Screenshot 2  Amplifi app - Screenshot 3

There are so many other great features that I like about this that I could go all day. So without wanting to bore anyone to death, I will leave with one final note. This has to be one of if not the easiest Wi-Fi systems to install for people of all ages. For all the features and the signal strength that you get, it is a great price too. These are currently available for pre-order; however, we are starting to get ours in so hit us up and we can help you get your very own AMPLIFI system.