There is a direct relationship with calendar usage and team synergy. And the reason is simple.
Before we get to the simple reason, let’s join together for a quick refresher on two important practices of time management.
  1. The Ideal Week. You can read more about it over at Michael Hyatt’s blog. He does a fantastic job of laying out best practice.
  2. The integration of life. The majority of us no longer work 8-9 hours a day and go home. Our lives are now more homogeneous than ever. This reality makes it easier to be true to your real identity, but requires more safeguards on your ‘Important, Non-urgent’ activities. Keeping your calendar up to date with your ‘Important’ time blocks ensures a great safeguard to getting what matters most done.
Now to the simple reason using your calendar increases team synergy. As long as your using the two tips above, you can freely share your calendar with team members, and with tools like Google Calendar, get important meetings scheduled quickly and easily.
In short, your whole team must be diligent in keeping their calendars up to date. This helps them stay true to Important values of their life, but also minimizes the time spent on scheduling and rescheduling meetings.
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