For small businesses cybersecurity is an often forgotten part of the equation when it comes to keeping their business secure. This might be because most business owners don’t have the time to research what cybersecurity is, let alone what needs to be done to implement a strong security policy of their network.

Over two-thirds of companies state that they are unprepared to recover from a Cyber attack. Here are some more startling statistics:

Courtesy of Resilient

We want to flip those statistics around and help more businesses be ready for the inevitability of having to recover from a Cyber attack. With that in mind, below are three steps to take to begin your preparation for a strong cyber-security preparation plan.

  1. Backup your data in a safe and reliable way. Make sure your backup is ransomware proof and off-site. You also want to test your backups regularly to identify issues before it is too late to fix them!
  2. Monitor your infrastructure. Monitoring for things like installed software, anti-virus infections, high processor usage, or high network utilization is a great place to start. But there are also other important factors that need to be considered, monitored and followed-up on.
  3. Have a plan. If you are a victim of a cyber attack, what is your strategy for recovery? This is really easy to formulate, but takes a little bit of time and thought. For instance, if your computers are compromised you would want to have another computer that is uninfected to restore your backups to so that you can continue with business critical processes. It is a simple investment that turns a disaster into a inconvenience!

If you want to know more about how to prepare for cyber attacks and dangers let us know! We will be happy to sit down and discuss some strategies you could implement to be more prepared!