Google Keep is a fantastic tool – especially if you are a visual learning who responds best to a visual “post-it” like environment for notes and to-dos.

Top 3 Features:

“OK Google”

If you need to create a quick note, or reminder, just pick up your phone (or turn up your smartwatch) and say “OK Google, Not to self…”. Then speak the note info, and add a reminder if you would like.

It is a such a simple way to make a note. It removes some time it typically takes to open an app to take a note. It also makes it easy to keep track of the large influx of information throughout our day.

Import Keep into Google Docs

Once you have a note created it is typical to add data. I typically throw in notes, pictures, and copious amounts of details. You can open up Google Keep inside of Google Docs. Once it is open you can drag one (or more) notes into the Document. All of the contents from the note will then be added to the document.

This feature is a huge time saving! There is nothing else that so easily connects your notes (including attached media) to creating a document or report!

Sharing with Others

Do you have a shopping list, or a packing list, or anything that you need to share? This makes it easy to share, and cooperatively work, on notes with one or more collaborators!

This is the only way that Rachel and I keep our shopping list, and it has proven to be a very convenient and easy way to keep us all on the same page!