Carbonite Backup

Carbonite is a wonderful solution for organizations of all size to backup their data. Read more below to get some valuable insights on why it is such a valuable solution.

Need for Off-Site Backup


An Example of a Hard Drive Head Crash

There is a growing need for your data to be accessible and safe! On top of that, there is a myriad of confusing options to protect and backup your files. Carbonite offers clarity in this money world. By providing industry-leading backup solutions for servers, workstations, and laptops they have created solutions that scale easily, are extremely secure, and offer best-in-class speed.

Most companies have a local backup of important files for their organization. However, often this backup isn’t cap off site. Or if it is, it resides in someone’s closet.  This is no way to keep your business critical data! There are numerous reasons to keep your data securely off site, you can read more here in a previous blog post. But in order to have a viable disaster recovery plan for your business you need a viable offsite storage location for your business critical data. Carbonite is the best option!

Business Specific Options

Carbonite has a wonderful line of backup options for organizations of all size. Whether you are a fortune 500 company or a non-CARB-Gold-Partner-RGBprofit there is a solution that is perfect for protecting your information.

825 Technologies is a certified gold partner of Carbonite. We are able to offer spectacular service, knowledge, and value while making sure you are protecting your files with the best – Carbonite.



Some Great Features

Carbonite has some unique and wonderful features that often get overlooked by most organizations. Here are some that we would love the highlight:

  • Off-site Cloud Storage that grows as you need it.
  • Unlimited Local Storage for Backups
  • Bare Metal Recovery options that are not machine specific
  • Local Backup Devices to help companies just getting into localized storage or want a dedicated solution
  • Flat pricing – no per device or user fee!

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