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Did you know that Law Firms Get Hacked at an Alarming Frequency?

Are You Ready to Stop Worrying about Computers, Networks and Security?

825 Technologies is Here to Help!

What Are Hackers After?

Hackers today are nefarious and clever. They are looking for low hanging fruit that is easy to get. Law Firms fit that bill. Large settlements can be won by any size law firm, and many law firms are surprisingly lax on their security.

What Can a Law Firm Do to Prevent Being an Easy Target?

825 Technologies has put together a list of 9 great tips you can follow to start improving your security today! You can find the article here.

What are the real dangers of getting hacked?

There are many dangers if you were to get hacked. The most obvious fallout would be your confidential information being leaked, and potentially your client’s data being leaked. As a fiduciary for your clients, a data breach could be catastrophic.

Other fallout could include loss of data, inability to work (causing billable time opportunities to expire), and even fines if compliance standards are not met.

How 825 Technologies can help…

825 Technologies has worked with Law Firms in Ohio for years helping them reach some of the highest levels of security. We have a tried and true system to improve, monitor, and protect organization’s IT infrastructure and Assets. We are ready to help you today.

By filling out the form below we will contact you and schedule a Free Network Audit and Security Penetration Scan (valued at $795). This scan and audit will leave you with a no strings attached report detailing all the devices on your network and any vulnerabilities that may exist.

Don’t delay and miss out on this opportunity – there is nothing to lose, and a secure new world for your organization to gain!

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